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About Us

We are here to offer you the best pre-owned car buying and selling experience, by making the whole process convenient, swift and enjoyable, and not complicated or stressful.

We are here to help you find the right car at the right price - with the latest tools and technology, along with the best financing options. We pride ourselves in being competitively priced and all of our pre-owned cars are thoroughly inspected to guarantee the highest level of safety and peace of mind.

We are here to look after all your needs right from the process of helping you search your dream car through hassle-free documentation to final delivery. We are a one-stop-shop, offering a simple and easy way to search, compare and buy cars, using our Smart Search feature, which lets you find vehicles by what matters to you such as budget, model, make, manufacturer, colour or any extras you might want. We offer an extensive range of hand-picked pre-owned cars sourced from independent car dealers, car supermarkets and private sellers.

Carzso aims to offer the convenience of digital experience (through our online platform displaying a range of cars encompassing all details and pictures), along with an element of personalization through physical visit to our office. We aim to give a virtual tour of a car to customers online, irrespective of the location of customers. Customers can undertake complete transaction online or offline, through our omni-channel concept, they get to first browse our digital platform, concluding the purchase at our physical site or vice-a-versa.


We offer a virtual reality of cars inside and out, and help you check out features online at the comfort from your home with the help of our in-house experts who take you through a real-time car tour on a video consultation.


Building India’s first Virtual Car Showroom and offer a seamless car buying and selling experience to customers.


We are working on organising the pre-owned cars industry with a vision of building India’s largest eco system of trusted used car sellers, and multi-brand workshops, using technology to enhance customer experience.

Strengths & Proposition

Non accidental cars with clean history

Non accidental cars with clean history.

No Meter tampering

No Meter tampering.

222 Points comprehensive car inspection, along with report

222 Points comprehensive car inspection, along with report.

111 hours buy-back guarantee on all cars

111 hours buy-back guarantee on all cars.

Easy financing (www.meriEMI.com)

Easy financing (www.meriEMI.com)

Hassle free documentation and transfer of cars

Hassle free documentation and transfer of cars.

Comprehensive Warranty on all cars

Comprehensive Warranty on all cars.

DoorStep Delivery

DoorStep Delivery.